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Compare Windows Xp Pro and Vista

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Essay Preview: Compare Windows Xp Pro and Vista

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Windows XP Pro

With so many choices on operating systems it is important for Riordan to understand the benefits and features associated with each before making the final decision on which operating system will be the best fit for the company. In the following section two Windows operating systems XP Pro and Vista will be compared.

Some benefits and features to Windows XP Pro are as follows:

* Improved Code Protection -Sensitive kernel data structures are read only, this will help Riordan in ensuring that applications and drivers cannot corrupt the data structure.

* File Protection - All core files will be protected files cannot be overwritten by the installation of applications. If for some reason a file is accidentally overwritten the protection will restore the file to its original version. This great feature helps to prevent many common system failures.

* Software Restriction Policies - provides administrators a policy-driven mechanism to identify software running and control its ability to execute. For preventing virus and Trojan horses and can lockdown the software. This helps to ensure the integrity of the system as well as making it easier to manage the network and lower the cost of ownership.

* Preemptive Multitasking Architecture - Allows multiple applications to run simultaneously while keeping the system stable with fast responses. This feature will allow Riordan to run demanding applications without interfering with the performance of the system.

* Encrypted File System (EFS) with Multi-user support - Encrypts files with a randomly generated key which is not visible to the user. These documents can be accessed by multiple users, which is a great benefit for Riordan as many times projects are worked on in groups. This EFS offers Riordan great protection against hackers as well as data theft.

* Kerberos Support - With this support users are able to log in quickly with a single log in for supported applications and resources. Kerberos is an Internet standard which

* IP Securities (IPSec) - Protects data that is transmitted over the network, this will give Riordan peace of mind when sharing data between locations.

* Remote Desktop - Allows users to create a virtual session on desktop, this will allow them to access their files from another desktop computer.

* Remote Assistance - A user can share control of their computer with anyone on the network.

* Automatic Updates - With users permission critical updates can be automatically installed.

* Microsoft Management Console - Provides a centralized environment for management tools, which will give administrators everything they need to effectively administer the network.

Windows Vista

* Remote



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