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Compare and Contrast Adventure and Tourist Vacations

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrast Adventure and Tourist Vacations

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Joseline Jara IUP201420

Compare and Contrast Adventure and Tourist Vacations

Lose tension, sunny beaches and backpacking

The vacation period is the most expected time over the year. There are numberless options considering travel destinations. People could choose going on a tourist or on an adventure vacation. This essay explores differences regarding the reasons why travelers go to a sunny beach, tourist vacation; and backpacking, an adventure vacation.

Tourism brochures offer paradisiacal sunny beaches as travel destinations. People that go on sunny beach vacations want to relax. Lying on the sand, feeling the fresh air, and swimming in the sea, describe a sunny beach vacation. On the contrary, backpacking is for people who look for adventure while vacationing. Getting involved with local communities and activities like hiking, bungee jumping, rafting, and cross-country skiing, are part of the adventure.

People consider a sunny beach vacation as a family getaway. Families usually go to sunny beaches for a week or a weekend to take pleasure in activities like sailing, fishing, and playing volleyball. In contrast, backpacking is independent. Backpackers are generally young adults that spend a month or more, traveling to several countries.

While visiting sunny beaches, people spend their vacations in comfort. They book luxury hotels or they might even own or rent a beach house. Conversely, as the documentary True Life shows, backpacking is a low-budget vacation. Most of the time, backpackers stay in youth hostels and guest houses to meet people and make friends; or they simply use a tent.

Both, sunny beach vacations and backpacking are good options to lose tension during the vacation period. A sunny beach vacation is definitely a relaxing short-term plan for families. In contrast, backpacking is a low-cost vacation, convenient for adventurers, whose purpose is to discover the world’s diversity as they experience the adventure of traveling to different countries.

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