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Comparison Case

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Comparison Matrix Paper

Comparison shows the characteristic of three studies conducted by different researchers. In the public sector, transformational leadership is the first study. This structure of organizations has little or no adverse effect on leadership behavior (Pandey & Wright, 2009). Transformational leadership is to stimulate the needs of the subordinates in harmony with the goals of the leader. Morale, motivation, and performance of the individuals within the group are increased by this style of leadership. Individual support and inspiration derives from this type of leadership.

The effect of transactional and transformational Leadership Styles on The Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Customer Contact Personnel (Emery & Barker, 2007); look at the commitment and job satisfaction of employees who are employed by banking and food organizations. The data reveal that job satisfaction is one of the most important determinants that establish the success of an association.

The question then becomes can the public school system aid children when they are abused and are they able to send them back into the public sector. According to (Crossen-Tower, 2003). The public schools are in an awesome position to help these children so this would help them would job satisfaction and the humanity side due to the fact that people are being rescued from terrible situations.

The data shows

A Comparison of the Research Questions

According to (Pandey & Wright, 2009), one of the questions raised was "the more hierarchical an organization power structure, the lesser the practice of transformational management behaviors. Transactional leadership behavior can be higher when it is impacted by rewards-performance based upon organizational structure. The use of organizational performance measures will decrease the reported performance leadership behaviors. When transformational leadership behaviors are low, the organization formalization (measured as [3a] procurement red tape and [3b] human resource red tape are greater.

In the study conducted by (Barker & Emery, 2007), some of the questions discuss was the relationship between two surrogates of employee attitude (i.e., organizational commitment and job satisfaction) as well as customer satisfaction. These leaders encourage and stimulate supporters to inquiry about new ways of doing things. Leaders are able to inspire individuals to perform at high levels to think outside the box for new ways of resolving issues.

This article written by (Crossen-Tower, 2003) Child Abuse and Neglect the school is in a wonderful position to report these issues due to the staff training and their ability to deal with complex matters in a clinical manner. The school teachers must be educated on what is reportable and what establishes abuse. The answer, of course, is any rational suspicion that child abuse or neglect has occurred-but the question is what warrants "reasonable"?

In the article written by (Badu Su, 2007), the concern about effective technology integration in K-12 on the one hand requires changes in the fundamental process of teaching and learning. The author states that in order for technology to be implemented effectively, there must be alterations in professional development



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