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Competencies and Career Interest Profiler

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Essay Preview: Competencies and Career Interest Profiler

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Competencies and Career Interest Profiler

Taking the Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies exercise, I found that my strengths lie in the following areas; cooperating, following instructions, adhering to values, researching, delivering results and coping with pressure. I am a pretty easy going person, so I do tend to cooperate and follow instructions. I consider myself to be an ethical person as well. I enjoy listening to the views of other and using criticism to grow as a person. I always try to research a subject to gain a better understanding of a subject or to improve an argument.

Understanding my personal competencies will help me to improve my critical thinking skills by using my strengths to build the best argument and outlook on different views. With research being one of my greatest strengths, I will have more information to contribute to a conversation or situation. I am able to approach a situation with an open mind. Being able to cooperate with a person allows me to listen and get a better understanding of any given situation. To improve critical thinking, one must be able to separate their feelings on a subject. Being able to keep emotions under control during difficult situations is another valuable strength when improving critical thinking.

Knowing my competencies will help me to evaluate arguments because I know where my strengths lie. Researching, delivering results, and being able to cope with pressure are skills that will help me defend, with accurate facts, my point of view in an argument. I am able to keep an open mind, while still defending my argument without any biased opinions. I am also able to deliver my opinions in an argument while still respecting the views of others.

It is very important to know where your competencies lie. Whether a person is in school, at work or in any situation where you may have to defend your opinion, it is an asset to know your strengths and how to use them to your greatest advantage.



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