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Sammi Daewoo Profile

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Essay Preview: Sammi Daewoo Profile

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I have chosen the project on SAMMI Daewoo it is a Multinational South Korea Based Transport Company. It is a only transport multinational company in Pakistan and providing high quality services. I like SAMMI Daewoo very much that is why I decided to take a project on Daewoo. I have taken material for the project from different sources, like Daewoo administration, Daewoo websites etc.

First I introduce SAMMI, that SAMMI was Corporation established as forest products importer in 1954 but has expanded its business to become a dynamic trading company in Korea. It purchases the shares of Daewoo Transport Company and Daewoo converted to SAMMI Daewoo. SAMMI Daewoo was first introducing in Pakistan in 1998. After introduction I point out the mission, objectives and goals of SAMMI Daewoo. Then the financial position of Daewoo Present time also the products of Daewoo in Pakistan in the sector of transportation also some introduction of City Daewoo bus service, its financial position and man power of city Daewoo. A brief introduction of SAMMI Daewoo departments and whole organizational chart, all terminals including new in detail.

I also make a brief SWOT Analysis of SAMMI Daewoo in the analysis I briefly describe the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats of SAMMI Daewoo Company. In strengths I briefly describe the cargo service and detail rates of different kind of things for cargo. Complete detail of fares from city to city. And the marketing strategies of SAMMI Daewoo. The direct and indirect competitors of SAMMI Daewoo and their details.

At the end I recommend some kind of suggestions to SAMMI Daewoo to promote their business. Also gave a conclusions and detail references from where I got data.



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