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Concept of Learning

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Concept of learning

According to Terry (2009) learning is the acquisition of knowledge. In the field of psychology knowledge broadly defined not just verbal knowledge, but also habits and skills, and attitudes.  The word knowledge implies to conscious awareness of learning. Learning can also be defining as a change in our behavior that result of experience. “As a person learns he or she will become more competent, more confident, or more committed as a result of his or her learning. Learning is the tool that affords individuals the opportunity and competence to tackle challenges. According to the text, learning offers the potential for changes in behavior, which can be revealed clearly when conditions incite the display of this newly acquired knowledge.” (Terry, 2009) For instance, the learning show by animals is sometimes better identified by period such as conditioning rather than by knowledge. Humans and animals, behavior may be the result in circumstance could be long learning, that could be influences their behavior.  There the influence humans; animals have a different manner of learning. We start learning from birth and we follow every stage, there is a learning process, for example, toughing, crawling, talking, walking. The concept of learning is practice what you obtained.

Learning and performance

Learning is the process that continues information, skills, habits, and attitudes in the lives of humans as long as there is doing things in motivation to learn. Learn is all about dominating skills, to developing and individual to understanding something there could be positive or negative. However, the value of learning gives an opportunity to engage new information and apply it in their lives. When it comes to learning and performing there vary ways by effort it. People may are capable to learning in changes different state. As stated previous, learning is obtaining knowledge. When an individual goes to school, he or she is learning diverse things, as information, writing, reading, and more. Learning is also being described as a change behavior. For example, a child who grows up in strong homes there are painful, or intense, or harsh may exhibit the same behavior as the other person from their home because its what he or she learn. Performance is manner how you can use what you learned in particular purpose. For instance, when you are little and wants to learn ride a bike practically have a parent, or an adult teach you how to ride your bike. First, ride a bike with training wheels and then your parents, or an adult training you without training wheels. The beginning they started to hold up the bike while you pedal slowly they let you go and look if can have balance. May you fall down several times, with a lot of practice you can have a perfect balance, and you can ride with no problem.  



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