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Concepts of the Vision, Mission, and Strategy Statements for Organization

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Essay Preview: Concepts of the Vision, Mission, and Strategy Statements for Organization

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The concepts of the vision, mission, and strategy statements for any organization plays a major role for the success of that particular organization. The mission statement is the organizations main purpose for its existence. Majority of the time the mission statement reflects the values and beliefs of top managers within an organization. A great mission statement inspires employees and provides a focus and direction for setting lower level objectives. Before a mission statement is complete leaders within an organization should have an idea of what is future holds for that particular organization. The vision statement provides direction, which is the backbone for the mission and its related goals. The strategy statement communicates the company's strategy to everyone within the organization. The strategy statement consists of three major components: objective, scope, and advantage.


The name of the organization of my choice is Berry Plastics. Berry plastics are one of the leading U.S manufacturers of molded plastic packaging. This company has five major product lines aerosol over caps, open top containers, drink cups, custom molding, and house wares and lawn and garden products. Berry Plastics lays claims to world leadership in the manufacture of aerosol caps for a wide variety of market applications, and the company also provides plastic containers for food packaging, dairy products, toys, chemicals, and medical supplies.

The mission statement for Berry Plastics is "Commitment to its leadership position and its desire to be a world-class company: Provide the highest quality products and services that consistently exceed customers' expectations and our competitors' capabilities by utilizing:

Modern technology, Dedicated and skilled employees, and a spirit of teamwork.

Core Values

Integrity - Trust and accountability in all aspects of our business.

Employees - Fundamental belief in the importance of balancing faith, family and work.

Customers - Deliver products and services which consistently generate value.

Respect - Caring for our employees, business partners and the environment.

Excellence - Commitment to safety, quality, innovation, diversity, and employee development.

Passion - Intense pride and ownership in our work, culture and team successes.

Statement Validation

The mission statement for this organization is very valuable, the vision statement and strategy statements are also tied into Berry Plastics mission statement of what is expected. Within the mission statement the concepts



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