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Confidence Case

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last week my friend had just asked me to joined their group to took part in a dancing competition i feel inferior because i am lack of expertise and experience but i counldnt pass up this opportunity so i took part in a dancing competition, it was a memorable experience to me because it was the first time i took part in a dancing competition, i was damn excited. but i just cant defeat my feeling of inferiority. Before our perfomance , our CD just lost and had been stolen by one group of participant. I was dissapointed to them. but at last my teamate had brought another CD , then we became the last group to perfomance .

Before perfomance we headed to toilet to make up nicely like a professional dancers. Then we sat at the auditorium and we were having our dinner like others. Every group of participants had many supporter.

But i believe that expertise of a person is more important in competition .But i were wrong.I just heard that the judge said that the supporter is always important in a competition.

After 6 group of participants perform then was our turn.

Now , was number fifth group to perform ,we quickly ran to the backstage and prepare to perform our leader gave us some excitation word and told us that we should done our best and most important was not the trophy or any gift but was the experience and enjoy dancing. This is the spirit of a dancer.

Now was our turn to perform . After hearing the word of our leader my feeling of inferior had dissappear

and now i'm not feeling scared. I dance like our practice in school. Now i know going up a stage was not the most scary , but our feeling of self-humilating was really scary.

In the end of our performance i heard the clapping of the audience and the judge. my feeling was so high in that moment.

Finally we got the first place in this competition and some audience went up to the stage to gave us flowers , i was really happy , and what i want to share is my happiness and my memorable experience.

And i really encourage the person who love dance can defeat their inferior and take part in competition, then the way of success is just near....


i believe that inferior will be defeat by self-confidence ,

we should know that confidence is the treasure but inferior is our biggest enemy in our daily life

and i rather fail in glory

than win in shame.

if u were asked by someone to teach the person

dun mean with ur knowledge

knowledge come from learning,

wisdom come from god.



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