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Contrast Between Apples and Oranges

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Essay Preview: Contrast Between Apples and Oranges

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Apples and Oranges

Similarities and Differences

Most house holds carry the fruits, Apples and Oranges. Apples and Oranges are a trademark fruit in North America. Apples grow on small, deciduous trees all over the world. The typical apple originated from western Asia and is grown all over the globe, and Apples are the most sold fruit in the world. The Apple is so popular, it has its own saying " An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away!" Oranges are citrus subtropical fruits grown in a humid climate on tropical trees. They most likely originated in south east Asia and were brought to north and south America by Italian and Portuguese merchants. It is the second most sold fruit in the world and the most popular citrus fruit. While there are many similarities between oranges and apples there are many differences such as shape size and taste. In this essay, the similarities and differences of Apples and oranges will be discussed.

Apples tend to have a round shape and a thin outer skin, they are small and sometimes larger at the top than the bottom, and is shaped similar to a cartoon heart with a blunt bottom. They grow on a small deciduous tree that has a dense crown.

Oranges are typically round in shape, with a thick outer skin to cover the flesh of the fruit. The thickness of the skin caries for each type of orange. For example, the skin on blood oranges are extremely thick and it is large and circular. Mandarin oranges have a thin skin and is typically ovular around the middle. Florida oranges have thick skin and a large ovular shape as well as California oranges.

Apples are can be found in many different colours, the colour depends on the maturity of the apple. The variation in apples' colours is simply due to the different pigments they contain. Green apples are green because they contain the green pigment chlorophyll, found in most plants and vital to their photosynthesis. Yellow apples start out green but the apple stops making chlorophyll as it matures, revealing a hidden yellow pigment. Red apples follow the same pattern as yellow apples, they grow green but start making a red pigment.

Oranges are the same colour as their name states, in different climates the orange ripens differently. If you grow oranges in cooler climates, the peel will probably become orange, if you are growing them in the tropics, most varieties will stay green when ripe. It's not only temperature, though. All sorts of things are done to make oranges orange for the consumer, including gassing them with ethylene gas, washing with detergent, coating with wax, and even colouring them with dye. Orange oranges can also turn green again, in a natural process called regreening. It can happen when oranges are left on the tree while the tree is blooming.

Apples are a typically sweet



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