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Apples and Oranges

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Oranges and Apples

Eating fruits are good for the human diet. The largest part of a fruit consist water just like the body does. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between apples and oranges. The three main differences are flavor, health, and how they are grown.

First, people enjoy eating apples because they are sweet and some are sour. There are three kinds of apples, red, yellow, and green. The apples mentioned have a different taste from one another; the only similarity is that they are all sweet. The orange is a citrus fruit and it taste tangy. Some are very sour and some are very sweet.

Second, oranges are very healthy because it has vitamin c. Oranges also helps you prevents colds; one last thing about oranges is that it can be used for cleansing of the body. Unlike oranges, there's not too much that can be done with apples. Apples are just good for taste.

Third, oranges are grown on trees and only grow in tropical areas. You can make orange juice by squeezing the oranges and straining the seeds. Apples are also grown on trees and are best to harvest in the winter or moderate summer temperature. Apples can grow from 10 to 30 feet tall. Apples can also be used to make apple pies. Some people prefer making homemade apple sauce and some kids prefer drinking apple juice.

In conclusion, as you see, it comes down to a personal sweet choice. Oranges and apples are good for the body. One is great for vitamins that can prevent you from getting sick and the other is good just to eat for a good sweet flavor.



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