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Creating Awareness & Building Strong Brand Value for Playcez

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Essay Preview: Creating Awareness & Building Strong Brand Value for Playcez

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The Project "Creating Awareness & Building strong Brand value for Playcez" was the aim of my project. The project aims at creating a marketing plan to capture the market and formulate a Branding Plan, to increase visibility and create awareness using the various Social Media Marketing tool. Playcez is a Game Mechanics application that currently works on facebook. Its aim is to provide users with review about the places that they want to visit, it also gives suggestions to users- the places they can visit. So as the tag line suggests "Exploring places is fun now", Playcez is doing same.

Talking about the execution of project, I was incharge of all the marketing and promotional activity in Jaipur. I worked with Playcez in building strategies in their pre planning phase and we used World cup as a platform to Test Market the promotional strategies. After this we used IPL as our major Platform with various Social Marketing tools to build awareness among people.

To create awareness during the IPL season, I collaborated with various Restaurants and Bars and convinced them to give discounts during the IPL season in the name of Playcez. After getting these discount coupons, now the task was to distribute these discount coupons, other than Facebook Fan page. For this I linked to Rajasthan Royals and started selling tickets for IPL matches that were held in Jaipur "Sawai Mansingh Stadium" only. Now what I used to do is I used to give Discount coupons worth RS 790 with purchase of every ticket. For example- "I used to give the discount coupon on the purchase of Rs 300 ticket also. So what customer was getting was a 300Rs ticket plus a discount voucher worth Rs790."This has helped me a lot to have good branding for Playcez. As a result of all this efforts we can get a customer database of almost 500 people in less than 45 days in Jaipur only. Now it will be just Word Of Mouth and other promotional measures that will help build this database further.



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