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Building an Ethical Organization: The Harvest Place

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Essay Preview: Building an Ethical Organization: The Harvest Place

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Building an Ethical Organization: The Harvest Place


Ethics is an everyday objective that is needed within an organization. Reputable, eager employees long to work an organization that places profound emphasis not merely on ethical behavior but individual admiration. "Ethics is defined as the method designed for a code of conduct. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that addresses the questions of morality through a set of behavioral guidelines" ( For that reason developing an ethical organization it is important that leaders appreciate basic need of ethical behavior. This paper will discuss the objective, the mission statement, and values of building an ethical organization from what will develop into the Harvest Place.

Description of Organization

The Harvest Place is a self-regulating nonprofit organization that gives assistance to children and adolescents in the areas of mental, emotional, and behavioral impairments. The Harvest Place offers the following services: Crisis Intervention, Skill Building, In-School/Home Intervention, Esteem Building, Goal Setting Training, Parental Education, Domestic Violence Prevention, Substance Abuse and Education. The Harvest Place seeks to give encouragement, enrich, cultivate, motivate, and keep their focus on their clients. This program will aid in enhancing the quality of life for children and adolescents ages 7 to 17. In addition the Harvest Place will have a specialized fatherhood program designed at providing tools for fathers to improve their parenting skills.

Mission Statement

The Harvest Place's mission is "To champion at-risk youth cultivating seeds of hopefulness, power, and courage to stop negative behaviors". This mission statement assists the ethical system within an organization by being a supporter for all clients within our organization. Our objective is to sustain secure and ethical practices within our organization through recurrent training for all staff in the area of ethical business practices and implantation.

At the Harvest Place we are committed to providing assistance merely having a positive affect on the lives of the client by concentrating on problems that unhelpfully affect their lives. Our goal is that every individual will derive benefits form a safe and sound setting, which will allow for maximum simplicity and interaction with every client. Our anticipation is that our services meet the needs of every individual and allow for optimal family involvement.

Values Statement

Our vision is grant effective and holistic support for at risk youth and families by assisting and providing therapeutic approaches. As the director of the Harvest Place discovering innovative ways to perfect the



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