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Credit Risk of People

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In the figure1, the value in column headed N means that there are 1000 observations in all variables and 1000 people supplied all of above data, so that there are no missing value. Other columns show minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation. The mean of duration is 20.9 months, the average credit amount is 3271.26, the average instalment rate of samples is 2.97%, the years at present residence of samples is 2.84 years, the average age of samples is 35.55 years and the average number of existing credits at bank is 1.41.

In the figure2, the first table states that there are 690 (69%) people are male and 310 (31%) people are female. And the bar chart of frequencies by sex shows that male is more frequent category because the bar for this category is taller than that for female.

In Figure4, the first table gives a summary of data in every category, the number, percentage and valid percentage of samples. These two percentages are same since there are no missing cases. The final column is cumulative percentage which is the sum of the percentage of all interested categories. The second is bar chart of the frequency of existing account. No checking account is the most frequent category because it is the tallest bar.

Base on figure5, 1000 repondents are devided in five groups based on the number of saving account or bonds. 60.3% of respndents are having less than 100 saving accounts or bonds. Only 4.8% of repondents have more than 10,000 saving accounts.

In the figure6, there are 1000 observations. The minimum credit amount of sample is 250, maximum credit amount is 18424 and average credit amount is 3271.26. Distribution of credit amount is positive skewed, most of respondents are in the range from 0 to 5000.

To make a conclusion generally, the samples size of this data set is 1000 and there are no missing values. Most of respondents are males which occur 69%. The minimum age of respondents is 19 years, the maximum age is 75 years and the mean of age is 35.55years. The distribution of age is positive skewed, young group are more than older group and most of respondents are in the range from 20 to 50 years old. Respondents who have no checking account occupy 39.4% and only 6.3% of respondents have 200 or more checking accounts. Over 60% of samples have less than 100 saving accounts, respondents tend to have less saving accounts rather than more. In the case of credit amount, the range is from 250 to 18424. Most of people in the survey have 5000 or less credit

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