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Criminal Profiling

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"Criminal Profiling"

In my case assignment I will be talking about criminal profiling and how this fits into an investigation where investigators use profiles to help them out with a case. Also, how organized and disorganized offenders meet the criteria when they are being profiled.

Investigators use many techniques which help them solve cases in some instances profiling suspects narrowing down to sometimes age and race. As the professional development by the FBI Academy on Behavioral Sciences Unit teaching methods for field agents to use when profiling criminals has paid off in some cases bringing criminals to justice. By using methods to profile an individual, agents need to collect data to have a conclusion on a certain individual. By gathering profile inputs collecting data from the crime scene will help investigators collect relevant information needed from before, during and after the crime was committed to get a base line investigation going. Making an assessment by reconstructing the crime scene helps out investigators how the victim was attacked by the attacker helping them pin pointing the suspect profiling the individual by weight, age, race etc. Although there are individuals opposed to profiling an individual by race seems to be a barrier for investigators profiling suspects by race. Even if people oppose to profiling, they need to take into consideration that the law enforcement agents are putting away dangerous people that are committing crimes such as murder, robbery, arson, rape, kidnapping and other crimes that fit the criteria. As an investigation start, when agents cannot profile a person they will re-access and recreate the crime scene to see if any evidence was not caught the first time. Once a profile is identified and sketchers make an identity as close as possible investigators then isolate whether the suspect is organized or disorganized on the crime that was committed. Many factors are taken into consideration to ensure the agents they are on track on whom they are seeking. Criminal profiling is a great method to use whether people like it or not. Helps keep innocent people away from dangerous predators. The tactics and methods taught to law enforcement agent should be a course offered to civilians to help them understand the different behaviors of criminals. Leaning how different patterns of offenders meet the criteria can help save some ones life. As research in the law enforcement arena has proven in some cases there criminals are put behind bars using this technique. This is a very effective tool for agents to use when investigating a crime scene. Every agent has there own ways of investigating a crime scene, but at the end if all falls into place and the suspect is in custody will only be because the agent used what he was taught. Using the evidence and ensuring the district attorney has everything he or she needs to prosecute someone and put them away as long



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