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Criminology Case

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As requested I must write an application of a criminology scenario. In this scenario, I have a 16 year old son named John who has a friend named Matthew. I arrived at home and I noticed that there was a crack in the door, I opened the door and I to find my son's friend Matthew looking through my kitchen drawers. Matthew looked surprised when he saw me standing behind him. I first asked Matthew why was he so startled and was anything wrong. As I got closer I realized there was a lock pick next to him on the counter, some of my jewelry and he reeked of the smell of marijuana, I asked Matthew had he been smoking marijuana in my house, He said it was not him. I asked Matthew was John my son home, Matthew said John was not home. I proceeded to question Matthew about some of my jewelry that was lying right beside him on the counter. Matthew told me that the jewelry was sitting on the counter when he came into the house. I knew better because I always kept my jewelry in a lock box in my bedroom. Since John was not home I asked Matthew why he was in my house, Matthew stated that the door was unlocked, Matthew said he was looking for a pen and some paper to leave to leave a note for my son to read later when he came home to let him know he had stopped by. I believed Matthew because my family constantly leaves the door unlocked. I figured my son had left the door open, so I knew Matthew was telling me the truth. I demand Matthew to leave my home and leave my jewelry on the counter, and he left. After Matthew left I instantly called son John and told him about the situation with Matthew. I asked John to come home immediately, once he arrived John told me he had stopped hang out with Matthew because he did not like Matthews's new friends, since all they liked to do is break in people's house and smoke marijuana. I informed John that I was going to call the police and report Matthews act, and his parents. The police came out and made a report of what happened. I told them about the smell of marijuana on the teen and they came into the house and gather all the evidence they needed. I told they the address of the teen. I let them know I would call the teen to see if he was home to scare him enough, that maybe he would not burglarize anyone else home or maybe stop doing drugs and criminal acts in the future. Saving Matthew at a young age can keep him from a live in jail or even getting killed. I feel he would have sold my jewelry to anyone that would be buy it in order to get him more drugs. The next thing I would do is call his parents to inform them of what Matthew was doing at my home. His parents were very upset to learn about what Matthew had done. I told them that the police suggested that we act like Matthew was going to jail for his actions and the parents were happy to play along. The parents told Matthew he would need to come to my house and turn himself into the police. The parents would be called to pick Matthew up after three days, so he can get a firsthand look at how juveniles live in jail. Once the three days was over the parents went to pick Matthew up from the juvenile hall the he was so glad to see his parents that he apologized to his family and call me and my son and apologized before he make it home. The neighbors in the neighborhood would to see Matthew get community service at my house and in the community. Matthew would need to know that because of his action he would have consequences. I told my son everything so he did not hear anything from the community, so he would know the truth. My son was very disappointed in Matthew and could not believe what I was telling him. He would not believe Matthew would



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