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Criminology Case

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Essay Preview: Criminology Case

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Circumstantial evidence is described better by saying what it isn't. Circumstantial

evidence isn't direct evidence from an observer who seen or overheard something.

Circumstantial evidence is a point that can be utilized to assume one more point. Secondary

proof that suggests something happened and can't straight prove it.

Circumstantial evidence is normally allowable in court without the linking amongst the

point and the implication is too puny to be of assistance in determining the incident. Numerous

verdicts for innumerable wrongdoings have revitalized mainly on circumstantial evidence.

The details demonstrated are whichever probable or unbearable, normal and likely, or

strange and unconvincing, current or olden. It could of have occurred close to Grandma Callahan

or far off. It was private, not long-lasting and brief, clear and humble not complex.

Circumstantial evidence is permanently convoyed by situations which extra or fewer effect the

thoughts in establishing a decision. In most cases these situations undertake the personality of

enticing proof.

Well, when Grandma Callahan put her grandchild to bed she knew that they were the

only two in the house. When Grandma Callahan heard the crash and she ran back upstairs her

grandchild was not crying. Grandma Callahan did notice the drapes lying across the bed and on

the floor. The child responded to his grandmother that "I know what you're thinking." Grandma

Callahan probably knows that when her grandson is left unattended he will cause some kind of

damage. Her grandson woke up before she got a chance to come back and check on him or him

accidently fell out the bed. The evidence that Grandma Callahan has listed are circumstantial.

Her grandson is not telling exactly what happen. Grandma Callahan does not have a camera that

she can rewind to see what had happen. Her grandson also wasn't crying and showing that

someone else been bothering him. Either way I don't think that Grandma Callahan are doubting

for one minute that her grandson didn't do it.




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