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Critical Argument Analysis Paper

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Critical Argument Analysis Paper

Violence in the media has become a widely discussed topic recently. In the articles; "Media Violence", "Violence in Media Entertainment", and "Children and Violence" the authors use different methods to get their points across. All three authors use different methods to form their perspective opinions.

In the article "Children and Violence" the author uses different statistics and references many different sources to reach his or her opinions. The author states that children who are exposed to violence in the media may become desensitized to violence. Also, the author makes comparisons that children may use violence as valid responses to life's stresses. The article begins with a list of websites in which details evidence to support his or her opinions. The article then goes into statistical data which again helps to support the authors' opinions. The article also has list of reference material and websites in which contain data to support the writer's opinions. The author does state his or her opinions and has plenty of references to support those opinions however does not, in this writers opinion, form any of his or her own thoughts. This may be an effective method to form an argument it lacks personal opinions.

In the article "Media Violence" located on the Lion and the Lamb Project website also deals with violence in the media geared towards children. This articles state that children exposed to media is more likely to have aggressive attitudes, behaviors and values. The article also contains links to websites that help to support the author's opinions. Also contained in this article are testimonies by various medical and government officials designed to support the opinions of the author. This article also contains a joint statement presented to congress about how violence in the media affects children. "This Statement was signed by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians" (The Lion and Lamb Project, 2004).

And finally, the article, Violence in Media Entertainment takes a slightly different approach. This article begins with a history of violence in media. The author states that violence has always been a part of media. From the earliest plays in ancient Egyptian times to modern television, violence does play a role in the media. This author mixes statistical data with his or her opinions throughout the article. This article does not focus on the affects of violence in the media but more on the presence of violence in the media. Also, the author focuses on the increase of that violence over the years. The author uses data to help form his



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