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Critical Argument Analysis Essay

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How are video games and violence one and the same? In this day and age there is a lot of violence going on in the world. With video games like Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto and WWE. Are these video games the cause of some violence that we see and hear on the news. First let's talk about Call Of Duty: Black Ops. This is a military style video game where you are the military and it is your job to stop the insurgents from doing whatever it is that the mission says they are doing. Was this video game created to teach our kids that we can be the same as these soldiers or was this video game created to entertain us? Grand Theft Auto is another video game that promotes violence. In this video game you are a guy that runs around the city robbing and killing people and having sex with prostitutes. Is this something that is good for kids? And the last video game is WWE which is a video based on wrestling that we see on TV every week where they say in the beginning of every show "Don't try this at home we are professionals".

In Bang, you're dead Sara sits down with comic book writer, screenwriter, historian, and parent Gerard Jones to talk about violence and video. In the interview Gerard explains video game violence can help a child and not hurt them. He says that fantasy violence lets kids live in a world where they can be whoever they want to be. If a child wants to be a super hero they can be a super hero. It's a good way for them to be something they want to be knowing that in real life you can't always be a real life super hero. Gerard also goes on talking about how we try and control what we see and hear on TV and how it's a good thing but we still go after everything that resembles and glorifies it. But to remember that living in a fantasy world is being able to control what you are and who you are. Gerard goes on to talk how he wouldn't let his own child play a video game like Grand Theft Auto where the video teaches how to rob and have sex with prostitutes. He says that kids can learn on there on how the world works and how he doesn't need a video game teaching them.

In Aggression and violent media the University of Michigan did a study saying that male boys from young age of 5 all the way to college level spend a lot of time playing video games instead of watching TV. The university also goes on to say that video games lead to violent behavior such as punching, kicking, and pulling because the type of video games these young boys are playing. Whereas in girls they tend to be more towards puzzles and trivia games. But in the same story they go on to say that as young kids getting introduced to electronics we want to learn about video games and computers and have a job working on these. Growing up as a child playing video games makes you want to design your own game or computer so you can make a lot of money doing something that you had played with as a child.




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