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Database Analysis Paper

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Corporations nowadays need to keep up with the technology in order to keep good business all around. Client organization is very important to keep a business going; databases assist companies into organizing all kinds of information and systems. In the technological field everything changes at a rapid pace and most business take some time to integrate these new databases. My research was conducted with the assistance of our IT guy and I was shocked to learn how far behind Sears is in the technology interface. Most of everything is still created and managed in paper. I am starting to see some of the changes and it amazes me how this company has been able to stay afloat all these decades after technology took over the business world.

My workplace is finally starting to change the way they handle their business; after much research I have found that many of databases are obsolete and really not helpful at all. In my division we are using a database called NPS that holds all customer information, purchase history, installation history, service history, and warranty history. This database was created in the 80's; I also found that they are trying running basic Oracle database enterprise log in information.

I sat down with my IT guy and he explained that Sears need to be introduced to a new it is really difficult to explain the databases in my work setting. NPS is based on a DOS interface; this system is fairly simple; since it cannot in house specific information we acquire another database system called ServiceBench.

ServiceBench is the link between customers and contractors; if a customer needs installation and/or service of an appliance a customer calls in I enter the main customer and appliance information, and from there a service order is created in ServiceBench and dispatch the order to the installer and/or servicer.

As far as my research went I wasn't able to really experience a newer technology of databases like Microsoft Access, DB2, and/or Oracle. I have decided to team up with my IT guy and recommend a new database in order to improve our business and maintain a good market with our customers. Many things have to change; I was reading our intranet and our President/CEO sent out a news communication stating that the company has acquired a new head of technology and Sears will be walking into the new technological era with new improvements that will benefit both company and customers. It also asked for employees to offer suggestions that will help improve our business; I will definitely send some suggestions on how to improve our quality of work and business.



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