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Critical Issues in Policing

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Essay Preview: Critical Issues in Policing

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Presently there are a large amount of critical issues when regarding policing. This essay will discourse the risks of policing and in what way it disturbs police officers; less-than-lethal weapons and the aids that it has for police officers and our public; current, and upcoming technology of policing and the various benefits that they involve; homeland security and law enforcements , and police corruption.

Once you are in a power to look after the all individuals and the public, your work usually will entail a great amount of dangers. Every time a police officer steps out into the streets to do their job; they are taking risk with their lives for the well-being of the community. And not only do officers risk their lives, but as well as they are put at jeopardy for a many of other risks that are associated to law enforcement work. A small number of these hazards include: death, stress, bodily harm to the individual, psychological harm to the mind and several health problems. One threat for police officers is in which seem to be increasing over the years is that officers are actuality being murdered by criminals. According to data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 70 officers were murdered by criminals in 2011, a large growth from the prior year and an even larger rise from 2008. The 2011 murders were the first time in being recorded of more police officers being killed by criminals than car crashes, according to data collected by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The record was the highest in almost two decades, not including those who were killed in the September 11 assaults in 2001 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 (Schmidt & Goldstein, 2012, para. 5&6). Police officers have come to comprehend that when their going out to do their work detail, there are not any guarantees of them are returning back.

Less-than-lethal weapons were intended to restrain offenders without using deadly force. There are a several number of circumstances of when a police officer decides to apply deadly force and it has become a major issue. For instance as the Rodney King situation is what has obligated officers to shoot for less deadly force, but debilitating weapons. In which some of the weapons that reflected include: thermal guns that causes the body temperature to rise so fast they weakens the suspect, shotguns that release nets, momentarily blinding strobe lights, bean bags filled with metal pellets and shot from a altered grenade gun, and pepper spray. Many of these weapons are measured to be offensive, and one of the only weapons from the previous list that were accepted and is currently used now is pepper spray. There are a few less-than-lethal weapons being considered for police officers to carry in the future. Those weapons consist of the Personal Halting and Stimulation Response rifle (PHASR), in which is intended to temporarily blind the person in question so that they can be detained; the Active Denial System (ADS) that is designed to shoot an electromagnetic radiation at the criminals and implement a painful burning feeling; the Laser Induced Plasma Channel that is intended to provide the criminal an electrical shock, it has been reported that the person will have severe electric burns; and the Taser that is intended to fire a non-lethal shot that will hit the criminals and then bond to their body and send an electric shock for about 10-20 seconds. [Less-than-lethal weapons are the next best thing among the police officers and the community.

Technology has provided a serious role in assisting police officers in their day-to-day tasks. Finger printing and crime laboratories have backed an abundant deal to the accomplishment in police officer's resolving crimes. The two way radio, that is provided in police cars aid in officers, to increase their output in replying to incidents. Without technology, police officers would have a hard time carrying out their everyday requirements. Technology will continue to increase throughout the years given those police officers with more suitable equipment to achieve their responsibilities. Technology



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