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Critical Thinking

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I believe that there are several different ways to use critical listening skills to persuade others. First, become aware of people eyes and body movements, and key words that they use. Secondly, I would listen to every word that the person speaks, so I can become more aware of how they think. Once you learn their judgment pattern, then you can mimic thinking patterns of other people to influence another person or people. I would use the key words in my speech and use body lingo as well. Combining both of these First step, take acknowledge of the influences that have been in your life that has help shaped how an individual thinking. Once you identify the people, and then consider their convictions and actions that contributed to your own attitudes and ideas. Second step, take your ideas and attitudes, sort them out, and evaluate them. Compare your attitudes and ideas to others to see if they are your own beliefs by reasonable evidence. Third step, take the best one out of your attitudes and ideas, and decide if it is worth the endorsement and attitude that is worth striving to acquire. Fourth and fifth uses From us as humans that have families, religious, biased views, socioeconomic provision, and our quality of care help shapes and settle us in our culture. In addition, we can also take our values and create illusions, attitudes, and ideas were independently of other people and circumstances individual overcome acculturation to achieve independence in thinking?



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