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Cuban Embargo Bill

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In The House of Representatives

January 9, 2012

Representative xxx introduces the following bill.

A Bill

To lift the trade embargo with Cuba for reasons, as well as other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

Sec. 01 - Title

This bill may be cited as the "Cuban Relations Enhancement Act".

Sec. 02 - History of Situation Involving Bill

The U.S. has been involved with Cuba since the Spanish-American war, when a U.S. warship, the Maine, blew up in Cuba. The period after the Second World War consisted of the U.S. attempting to spread democracy to the broken world while also making an effort to stop the spread of communism. This attempt was unsuccessful in Cuba as former dictator Fidel Castro rose to power. The Cold war nemesis of the United States, Russia, the former Soviet Union, became allies with Cuba and stationed missiles there. These missiles were a mere 90 miles from the U.S. coast. The combination of Castro's totalitarian, communist government and the threat of attack from Russian influenced Cuba was cause enough for the U.S. to pass an embargo on almost all trade with Cuba. This Embargo is still in effect today.

Sec. 03 - Thesis of Bill

The embargo on Cuba has become a senseless thing left over from a past conflict. It should be repealed as there is no further reason for its existence.

Sec. 04 - Arguments for Embargo

When the embargo was first enacted, during the Cold War, there was good reason to fear Cuba. They had Russian missiles pointed at America. The U.S. was also trying to prevent the spread of communism. Castro's totalitarian dictatorship embodied all that the U.S. saw wrong in the world. The persecution of anti-Castro Cubans caused many to flee Cuba. Those who were unfortunate enough to be captured before their escape were tortured of killed. The embargo was put in place to try and dethrone the Castro regime.

Sec. 05 - Arguments against Embargo

Cuba and Castro do not pose a threat any more. Castro has since stepped down from power and Cuba can barely exist on its own, let alone assault America. The only thing the embargo is hurting now are the Cuban people as a whole. They have lived without sufficient healthcare and medicine, as well as food and fuel shortages. By lifting the embargo, the U.S. could accomplish its ultimate goal and raise the Cuban standard of living.

America trades an enormous amount with China and Vietnam, both of whom are communist



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