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Removing the Embargo

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Removing the Embargo

The main reasons why I think we should remove the embargo on Cuba are families shouldn't have to be limited on how long or when they get to see family members, there's oil there, it's good economics, it's unpopular, and it is out of date.

Families should be able to see each other anytime, anywhere and for any length of time. Under the current embargo, families are only able to go to Cuba is if they have a Treasury License which is limited to full-time students, musicians, dancers, professionals, journalists, and the like. If a person travels to Cuba without a Treasury License one has to pay a huge fine($3,000 to $10,000). I believe this is wrong because people shouldn't have to pay a fine to see family members in Cuba.

Secondly, we could start to reconsider Cuba as a natural resource. Cuba has begun exploratory drilling in search of oil in its territorial water, which could make Cuba a major producer for oil. This could make Venezuela and Middle Eastern countries less necessary sources for oil. Currently, we are buying oil from Middle Eastern countries that we continue to have conflicts with; countries that do not support the war and countries that support terrorism. This is bad politics and bad economics. The U.S. needs all the oil we can get after the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Additionally, open travel between Cuba and the United States would boost tourism in both countries thus improving the economy. For example, expanding travel to Cuba could increase airline ticket sales. The Cuban government states that over 250,000 Cuban-Americans have visited from the United States since 2009. This boosts the Cuban economy, but it does not improve the American economy. Lifting the embargo would also be an enormous boost to U.S. agricultural as many Cubans are farmers by trade.

The embargo on Cuba is unpopular. Over sixty-seven percent of Americans prefer lifting the travel ban . Seventy-two percent believe that expanding travel to Cuba would positively impact the lives of Cubans as they lack many of the rights and privileges that Americans possess.

Lastly, the embargo is out of date. The embargo became necessary due to the Cold War. However, the Cold War has been over many years. If the embargo cannot be lifted entirely, perhaps it can be updated.

For these reasons, the embargo on Cuba should be lifted.



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