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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural diversity has many different faces, styles, colors and religons. This does not give us the right to judge people based on their culture. In judging people we are then passing a message that our way is the right way and we are better than any other culture. Many of us in the United States have mixed cultures in their blood, yet no one sees that because they live in America. There for someone who lives in America but is cross cultured is not profiled or looked down upon. I am not understanding the way things are done. Why the prejudices? Who or what gives us the right to interfere with other countries and tell them the way their culture does things is wrong? Things in this culture have changed since 9/11 and so has the whole world. Since the war is almost done in the middle East does that mean that we will have peace? The cultural difference from here to there is substantial, but you do not see them telling us that our way is horrible either. If we did not have cultural differences this world would be the same every where. Then it would have a rippling affect on the rest of the world. Therefore before we judge others on the way they have been taught on cultural beliefs we should get a better understanding on how our country works. This may free up some inmates in prisons or county jails around the United States.



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