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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity

There are many different dimensions when it comes to cultural diversty. Some dimensions of cultural diversity are racial groups (groups that are set apart by physical differences), ethic groups, religious groups and gender groups. Age can also be considered as a dimension. Minorities are on of the only groups that share many of the same characteristics of experiencing unfair and unequal treatment, similarities, involuntary membership, group solidarity and marriage within the group.

When it comes to the differences and similarities in cultural diversity between groups it needs to be dealt with simultaneously and it is important to focus on a situation as a whole. Although it is possible to belong to multiple minority groups it is important and more beneficial to build a connection and identify with one dimension when it comes to cultural diversity.

When it comes to having to identify myself I identify with two groups based on my gender and ethnicity. As an African American (black) woman I was born as a double subordate. Being African American means that I'm faced with being stereotyped daily. I'm looked at as an uneducated person that has no ambitions that only wants to receive help from the government, also most people see black women as being angry for no reason. When it comes to being a woman it sometimes can present just as many hardships and problems as being a person of color. Women will always be seen as inferior to men; women are looked at as objects and are sometimes measured by their looks and not their intelligence. Men sometimes feel that women are not there equals and don't deserve to receive the same opportunities as them. Both groups have had a hard time trying to showcase there talents to prove that they are the same as there counterparts.

It is possible to be diverse without being included. Diversity is acceptance and respect; diversity means that all individuals are unique. In diversity it is important to understand and recognize individual differences. Individual differences can be race, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, religouis beliefs, sexual orientation, political beliefs and other ideologies. Diversity also covers the exploration of differences in a safe and positive manner. It is the willingness to understand each other and look beyond simple tolerance and embrace and celebrate the different dimensions associated with the diversity that is present in all individuals. Although diversity explains the uniqueness of individuals it does not explain how different people should function and work together within a company, that's where inclusion comes in to play. Inclusion is the feeling that someone has when they belong to a certain group or organization.

In the learning process there is a difference between the terms diversity and inclusion. Diversity when dealing with staff members denotes the



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