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Culture Diversity in Literature

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Culture Diversity in Literature

Encounters between people of different cultural backgrounds have existed forever. People have always thought about things that were unusual in other cultures. But those encounters were relatively slim in early days today; they are almost part of everyday life. The point of teaching culture diversity in literature helps today's children to understand why people who are different sometimes do different things.

Primarily, what makes cultures different from each other is it looks at the process of what an individual goes through in intercultural races, and how it adapts to culture changes in its environment. The individual learns its culture from its environment more than from its family, or from its social relationships.

People found, that over time the world market, would change character to adapt to production and consumption and in its material also in its intellectual process. The intellectual creation of individual nations becomes common property. From the numerous national and local books, there comes a world literature between all cultures. If the environment changes, our internal learning structure gets disturbed, and we have to adapt after a certain pressure occurs this can well be a small adaption to adjust our behavior so that is new(Drey.)

When will the human race learn from its previous history so that the mistakes of the past no longer repeat themselves? The unimaginable has happened once again and no one attempted to stop it. Hate crimes continue to grow, paradoxically, in an era of political correctness (Yokota 157.) It is time for all people to consider what can be done to prevent such occurrences. As educators, we have a podium from which to speak to educate our students about the consequences of hatred both on a local level as well as at the international level.

While teaching children on an elementary level, you have to be simple for them to understand. In a book, for example, needs to be colorful and depicts the children around the world and their different lifestyles. It should cover countries, with the color and beliefs on every page. Also include interesting facts that will help them remember.

Cultural diversity is important because our country, our workplaces and our schools include persons of various ethnics groups and interests. We can learn from one another, but first we must have a level of understanding about one another in order to work together effectively. Cultural diversity training also helps people to dispel negative stereotypes about one another.

While teaching our kids about culture diversity in literature, they learn about different cultures, their habits and other things which are unique to that culture. This promotes education not only in the manner of books, but also in facing different cultural issues in the classroom and overcoming them. It



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