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Cultural Globalization Is Not Happening

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Essay Preview: Cultural Globalization Is Not Happening

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With the rate of development everywhere in the world there is great need for globalisation. Globalisation is when there is interdependency between states and there is therefore the apparent process of there being a universal code amongst states (Schulte 2000, p12). This development is evident in our day to day lives, it has become a part of us now, and we are living in what can be described as a global community. Globalisation is a grand phenomenon as it promotes the communication of different cultures but what it also does is impose the cultures of other countries upon others to a point where there are near extinction. The existence of cultural globalisation is undeniable and it is happening everywhere.

Through multinational corporations countries have been able to impose their cultures in other countries and this can be seen through Coca-Cola and McDonalds, these two companies dominant in almost every country around the world, they set new ways of living and change cultures in societies by imposing sub-cultures. Cultural globalisation is also a result of economic activities that occur especially in developed countries (Rothkof:2006) and these can be portrayed through the media in the form of music, and movies. It is through global media groups such as CNN and BBC that people are exposed to foreign practices and this impose on their way of life, from the home to their respective communities, slowly they conform their way of life to foreign ideologies. Without a doubt, global communications along with migration have broken down national identities. The rise of social groups and NGOs has brought about a new way of global governance and civil society people can now act through these organisations to voice their opinions and not by being part of any political group (Nye:2009).

Migration also plays a key role in affecting social and cultural dynamics, when people migrate they attain skills and a new way of thinking and living that they bring with them to native countries. It is such that will be adopted within the society and reformed to better the lives of people in these societies, hence changing the way of life and establishing a counter culture. Through technology, cultures have been altered, the introduction of social platforms such as Facebook ,Twitter and MySpace have altered the way in which people communicate nowadays there is no need for people to meet they can simply convey their messages via the internet and this has killed the face to face reality.

To conclude, it is without doubt that the local cultures will continue to suffer at the hands of this global consumer culture and as cultural differences co exist with globalisation, it will only be a matter of time before globalisation takes over as it is mainly fuelled by trade, politics and economics which are key to the development of any country such that to be isolated is a not an



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