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Cultural Relevance Video Analysis

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Essay Preview: Cultural Relevance Video Analysis

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Video Analysis  

The video is a description of a problem that existed in a classroom. The problem may be understood in the students’ perspective as well as teacher’s perspective. Jeff Bliss is hurt by the method of teaching adopted by the teacher at the particular time. Bliss is worried that the teacher is not taking enough time to teach the students and deliberate on major issues concerning the education of the students. Bliss acts as a voice of the rest of the students who are not satisfied with the manner by which the teacher behaves in class. The student since to waste the potential of the students by adopting a teaching method that does not prepare the students for the future (Sherman, 2016). 

On the other hand, Ms. Phung believes that Bliss is out for criticism and there is no reasonable background for his argument. She believes that she has delivered in terms of her teaching styles to the students at the particular time. She is convinced that her teaching style is satisfactory and she does it as required by the curriculum. However, from her responses to Bliss, it is evident that she is worried of the confidence that the student gains to give his opinion regarding her teaching style. She defends her teaching style as a reasonable and one that would bring out the potential of the students (Sherman, 2016).   

A critical look into the reaction by Jeff Bliss, it is evident that he has observed the behavior of the teacher in class and it had become boring. It can be observed that the teacher gets into the class and instructs the students while sitting. The teacher does not offer the necessary attention to the students while they need extensive focus of the teacher to their problems. The teacher may not have been bothered with the manner by which the students undertake their activities in class (Sherman, 2016). There is improper guidance of the students in undertaking their assignments in class.

Based on the problem, the losers in this case are the students. Whether the teacher delivers or not, she must be paid in the end. Despite the practices in class, the teacher has to be paid. However, she does not get paid for the job well done. She is paid for the time she took to relax in class while the students get wasted. The students cannot access proper education as the teacher is not available to offer extensive guidance to the students on how they would achieve a number of benefits.

In this case, it is wise to conclude that the teacher was on the wrong. She fails to meet the obligations of her duty to the students by participating fully in class. Being the guide to the students, she should focus assisting the students to become better students who are focused on achieving the potential that is within them. Therefore, the stand by Bliss is reasonable and helpful in understand the problem that surrounds the students in the specific class.        

 An equitable solution may be found to resolve the cultural differences in the class. A solution that is inclined to cultural relevance would be executed by ensuring the proper teaching style is extended to the students. The students must be convinced that their education is guaranteed through proper education. It means the students must be ready to develop strategies that will focus on building a successful learning environment as well as an educative strategy. Although, the approach by Bliss cannot be termed as the best, it would be wise for Ms. Phung to handle the problem differently. It is evident that she did not intend to argue with Bliss at the time, which is an extensively reasonable move. However, she is supposed to get some time after Bliss has cooled down and engage him in a discussion regarding what may be the problem. Also, the teacher should listen to Bliss’s allegations and develop an outstanding strategy to resolve the issues. An improvement should be noted from the teacher immediately the problem has been addressed by the student.



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