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Culture: Belief, Expectations Values

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Essay Preview: Culture: Belief, Expectations Values

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Culture: Belief, expectations Values

According to Richard, the values and culture important to make Delta’s success which are ensuring that they are building a sustainable future for customer, employees and shareholders for generations to come. It value come from the Delta’s employee effort in order to gain pre-tax profit of $4.5 billion. Based on this case study, Delta had always thought of itself as the gracious host such flight attendants personally poured requested drinks, delta had traditionally cut its limes into 10 slices. The result is they are save US$500,00 a year by cutting the limes into smaller pieces. As a result the merger and acquisition process able to gain highest profit in years in 2011.

Rules of the road Delta’s core values which is honesty with always tell the truth through the transparent yearly report shares information with customers and external stakeholders on an annual basis in this report, integrity always keep their deals in order to give a successful services, respect which is not hurt anyone, perseverance (never give up) and servant leadership which is care of their customer, community and others.

Third external factor is Task environment which is industrial analysis means other parties’ actions may affect the ability of this organization to achieve their goals and affect the process of decision making. Suppliers become a threat when they try to increase the price of raw material that had been use by Delta Airlines such as fuel. They can disturb the operational process by restricting access to that important input. Besides that, distributor also had a power to stop promoting the Delta Airlines. Therefore, this company should have a good relationship with them in order allow them to help Delta to promote the service provided to customers. Based on this case study, the distributor for Delta Airline are Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF and other agencies that they had sponsored before

Next are competitors who are organizations that provide same services. Based on this case study, Delta’s major competitors in the United State were United Airlines and American Airlines at the high end, Us Airways in the middle, and carry such as southwest and jet Blue at the low end. They always displayed similar characteristics that drove them to directly participate in domestic international air travel. However they compete each other in order to become a pioneer with a competitive advantage that cannot be imitated by others. Therefore, Delta’s Airline should take this threat as an opportunity to improve their service to become the best Airline in the world. Lastly is the labour supply in Delta airlines, the hiring of this workforce will be the result of aircraft growth and able to operate normally and more efficient.

On the other side, internal environment also affect the strategy of Delta’s airline position to achieve their goal such as structure



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