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Culture-Loaded Terms

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As the bridge for different languages, the mastering of language itself is the basic skill of interpretation, not only of the SL, but also the TL. It contains the grasp of the vocabulary, grammar and sound, the mastery of some idiomatic expressions, and the command of the background cultures involved. Moreover, hearing, listening, writing and speaking need practice too. Just like the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect." Learning is a progress of accumulation. It will make miracles one day if you make progress everyday.

The language is developing with the changing world. That is to say an interpreter should know the newly appeared expressions by daily learning. Until recent years, nobody knew what geilivable, mortgage, or naked wedding mean. You'll never know what will happen tomorrow, and what kind of glossary will be produced then. You have no choice except learning everyday.

Learning resources are growing as well. In ancient time, we had books, pamphlets, newspapers, etc. to get to know the outside world. And now, the internet is the most powerful knowledge source, which always keeps pace with the progressing world. As well, foreign newspapers, magazines, novels, dramas and other literature works are still available forms to learn from. Another comparatively breezy method is to watch foreign entertainers, movies and serial plays of original versions, in which you can gain authentic descriptions to the actual life in the target culture. Via contacts with original information disseminators, the interpreter can help the hearer get the same understanding and appreciation on the speech.



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