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Current Thinking in Hospitality

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Current thinking in hospitality

Assignment: 1200 words (+/-) 10%

Please use Helvetica or Arial fonts, size 12

Submit 2 copies. One printed copy and also email your work to your tutor.

* Task 1:

Set on the 09/05/2011

Submit: 23/05/2011 (2 weeks to work on it)

Hand back with feedback, for corrections: 06/06/2011

Re-submit: 13/06/2011

Scenario: you are a hotel manager at: (choose one, check the websites so you have an idea of the kind of establishment you are working at)

* The Ritz London (

* The Hoxton Hotel (

* Ramada London Hyde Park (

Explain how are recent developments and potential trends affecting the hospitality industry in the UK.

For recent developments, take into account: economic downturn and current economic climate, labour costs, UK new immigration rules, competition, fuel prices, technology, more sofisticated/informed customers.

For potential trends take into account: Low budget travel, economic downturn, food fashion (i.e. organic, seasonal), franchises, technology and the environment.

* Task 2: 13/05/2011

Presentation: Groups of 3, 10 minutes.

Choose 3 different types of hospitality establishments.

Discuss the scale of the operation, staff requirements and structure of each one (produce an organisational chart for each, your own work not from the internet). You have to include qualifications needed for the management positions.

The concepts below will help you with the development of the task, please make sure you read and understand them.

You have to read, analyze and reflect (books, journals, internet) before writing this assignment. Then develop the points you have been asked to.

Analyze: Examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of something, especially information, for purposes of explanation and interpretation. (

Reflect: is to think, consider and analyze. Reflection is thinking for a purpose. In this case reflection is an opportunity



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