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Project Management - Current Situation

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Essay Preview: Project Management - Current Situation

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In my workplace the type of behavior is voluntary. I can speak on this because I handed in my resnation to the company three days ago. The reasons for me leaving my current position are variety, identity, autonomy and significance. The variety at my current job was repetition because I constantly had to prove plus provide evidence that I have completed my task or show backdated emails to corroborate my side of the story. Co-workers at my job always do not have a sense of urgency when work needs to be completed. So someone else ends up completing the task at hand. Secondly, identity according to Colquitt is the degree to which the job requires completing a whole, identifiable piece of work from beginning to end with visible outcome. I have worked in my current position for two years. When I first joined the company their conversion rate in personal care was twenty-three percent. Today, the conversion rate is at sixty-three percent. To me that is a big accomplishment for someone who has never work in the home health industry. Thirdly, autonomy does not exist in my current position. I report to the Dir. Of Personal care but every department within the company tries to dictate what I should do. My boss is the best boss I ever had but she is too nice, meaning she could never stand up to anyone and tell him or her they are wrong. Finally, significance is a big factor for leaving my current position. I don't feel that I am needed in my current position. Even though I have increase sales within the company by thirty percent. I was never acknowledged on my accomplishments or someone else received credit for something I worked hard on.

My current job does not invest in learning the cost of voluntary leave within the company. Currently the COO of the company only goes by the calculations of statistics to figure out how an employee voluntary leave will affect the company. The pro of the calculation is that numbers do not lie. But the con is that the company is not fixing the problem, why is the retention rate so high. By just calculating voluntary leave from the company they are not realizing that for every employee that resigns. The company is losing income because who can you hire someone to fill-in a position with out training them first. Also, if you are constantly training new employees remember that cost money as well.

Currently, the workplace is very diverse as far as age, sexual preference and race. In the homecare industry it is predominately women. I think the industry need more men in the field and in the office. I do apologize for what I am about to say but I do not like working with all women. Women are vindictive and caddie if they do not like you they will make sure everyone around you do not like you instead of focusing in on work.

Currently, the company's moral is in the toilet and they do not



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