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Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

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Essay Preview: Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

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In 1962, something happened that changed the lives of many people in the world. Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, opened the doors to this hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. ("History") This hospital has a great staff of researchers, doctors and nurses whose job is to make children feel like they're at home while they are in the hospital fighting for their lives. No child is ever denied care because of financial payments, race, gender, or religion. The incredible staff provides one-on-one care t.÷o every patient. They also provide every treatment necessary to the child's disease or illness. Researchers spend their lives in the research labs trying to improve diagnosis and advance cures. St. Jude is a very loving organization that could change the lives of many children which is why it should be continued to be supported by the public. ("Mission")

St. Jude is well structured organization that uses the money received, for a good cause. St Jude has corporate and public sponsors such as, Pilot International, Alpha Delta Kappa, Roadway Express, Epsilon Sigma, Alpha international and Amvets Auxiliary and Johnson & Johnson. They are also advertised through commercials, the internet and catalogs. Through advertising St. Jude is successful in raising millions of dollars. Six hundred eighty two million dollars is raised in Donations, eighty two million dollars is raised in Patient Revenue, eighty two million dollars is raised in Research grants and nine million dollars is raised in other ways. ("St. Jude Children's Research")

Because of this high rate in good expenses, St. Jude can be seen as a reputable charity which is worthy of public support and funding.

St. Jude reflects and upholds the teachings and values of Buddhism. Their work is grounded by the teachings of Siddartha. The religious traditions of Buddhism can be noticed by the efforts of St. Jude. One basic belief of Buddhism is to end all suffering. People who believe in buddhism believe that giving up all worldly desires will end suffering. ("Buddhism") St. Judes aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from diseases and cancer. This shows the beliefs of Buddhism because there goal is to end all suffering for children. Buddhists also believe that compassion is key. People who have compassion for others will be more wiser. The staff at St. Jude provides an unlimited amount of compassion to there patients. They do not discriminate based on gender, race, or financial issue. By having compassion for everyone and for ending all suffering for children, St. Jude continues to live in accordance with the tenets of Buddhism.

Nylah and Gloriuna are two young girls who were recommended by doctors to go to St. Jude due to there diseases. Nylah is a two year old girl who just had a regular on and off fever until one day the left side



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