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Cvs Retail Pharmacy Operations

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CVS's retail pharmacy operations are functioning poorly and dissatisfying customers. Many customers are defecting as a

result. A pharmacy service improvement team has documented the current prescription fulfillment process, its exception

rates, and the problems generated by exceptions. The company must now decide how to change this process, and what

information system changes to make in support of the redesigned process.

1. What changes do you recommend to CVS's existing pharmacy fulfillment process? What IT changes, if any, are

required to implement your changes?

2. How can you be sure that the new process you propose will be an improvement over the existing one? How can you be

sure that it won't make things worse?

3. What groups, if any, are likely to have problems with your proposed solution? How will you deal with their


4. How will you ensure that there's no backsliding - that there won't still be wooden boxes in use six months from now?

How can technology be used to prevent or inhibit backsliding?

5. Does PSI represent a significant opportunity for CVS? Would improving customer service be of significant financial

benefit to the company?

. What changes do you recommend to CVS's existing pharmacy fulfillment process? What IT changes, if any, are required to implement your changes?

* CVS Pharmacy is having issues with customer service. The pharmacy needs proper organization and a clear, detailed process for filling scripts, DUR runs, copayment information, listening voicemail, fax information, doctor callbacks, etc. I recommend that the pharmacy be staffed better during busier times of the day (5-7pm). The employees tend to be reluctant to work during these times to avoid dealing with angry customers, but maybe an added incentive, like overtime pay, during these peak hours would help keep the stations effectively staffed. This way more technicians will be available to help reduce customer wait time. While it is likely that they already have one, a notification system and sensor to detect when a customer is waiting at the drive thru window could also help reduce wait times. Another possible recommendation is for CVS to create a new job in the pharmacy that would consist exclusively of a data entry position and advanced knowledge of third-party copays (such as Medicaid and Medicare policies). The data entry employee would



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