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Cyber Bullying

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Individuals should be prosecuted for repetitive statements that harass, severely embarrass or threaten victims on social media. Cyberbullying has become a huge problem, and the Megan Meier Bullying Prevention Act will help many cyberbullying victims around the world.

With the expansion of technology recently, cyberbullying has become a bigger problem. More kids are involved in social media, and cyberbullying has infiltrated the confines of the home. The text states, “Cyberbullying can also lead to kids getting physically injured. And by passing the Prevention Act, we are deterring people from engaging in cyberbullying by showing such behavior is a punishable crime that won’t be tolerated” (Source 1). By punishing the bullies, they will be shown that cyberbullying is not acceptable, and the victims will be safer. Cyberbullying is also described as more difficult to avoid, rather than conventional bullying. For example, “Conventional bullying usually takes place between two people at the same place at the same time. On the other hand, the victim and the bully don’t even need to know each other for cyberbullying to occur. It’s much harder to flee a cyberbully, as they can “attack” through a variety of electronic means” (Source 1). Social networking sites and text messaging have made cyberbullying possible to reach a much wider audience, and victims cannot flee from technology.

On the other hand, it is suggested that cyberbullying can be prevented by avoiding offensive situations. According to Source 2, it is ridiculous that you will be punished by hurting another person’s feelings. They are using the First Amendment to say that you have the right to be “as cruel as one wants, right up to the point of libel or slander”. If you are on the Internet, “you should be educated to manage and avoid offensive situations” (Source 2). Victims cannot just avoid situations because technology has become an essential part of society and our homes. Use of technology has extended beyond simple entertainment; it is often used by teens to contact their parents in emergency situations, not just to send texts with their friends and play games.

Because of popular social networking sites, cyberbullying grows more every day. Cyberbullies should be prosecuted for repeatedly harassing and threatening victims on social media.



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