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Cyber Bullying

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Essay Preview: Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying

It is an awful experience when you are bullied by someone. Confidence about building relationship is completely broken. Mutual suspicion is built up among the groups. The bullies make fun by teasing others, while the heart of the bullied one is seriously hurt. Bullying does not only prevail in schools now, but also in the Internet.

Thanks to the popularity of blogging, the bullies can continue their work by posting nasty comments on the blogs everyday. Elections of the top 10 ugly girls in the form, idiots in the class, the stupidest student in the form are some examples. The real names of the bullied group are posted openly and clearly. People are laughing at them secretly wile browsing.

The cooperation of the blog providing website is the most effective way to stop the trend. The website could add the bullies¡¦ weblogs to a certain blacklist, and put the list in the first page of the site. This makes the bullies infamous in the worldwide Internet. Everyone knows they are bad people. This is the perfect way to fight back the bullies.

Promoting reporting system can stop cyber bullying root and branch. The bogging websites could set up a special investigatory group. Whenever a browser find a blog posting unpleasant comments, and report it to the website, the group would investigate the suspected blog. The blogger is punished by various means if he or she is bullying others. In serious case, the blogger will receive stiff penalties, like freezing their accounts eternally. If there is a difficulty for setting up such special group, the government should give financial assistance to the website authorities.

The aforementioned actions can just be done after bullying has occurred. We need to act before cyber bullying take place. Educate the students when they are still young is essential. Make them understanding the damage caused by cyber bullying. If they know how the bullied one feels, they will not be the bullies when they grow up.

At the same time, we should also teach students how to face cyber bullying. The government should introduce programs about how to confront cyber bullying. The program can include how to act against cyber bullying, how to think positively, who to share with the pressure, etc. One of the most important cause of cyber bullying is that the bullied people do not venture to report the situations. They are too shy and embarrassed to stand out. The fear of more serious bullying hurdle their actions. Hence the main purpose of the programs should be screwing up the bullied one¡¦s courage.

Government should also arouse the parents¡¦ concern on cyber bullying. Since not many parents are equipped with technology knowledge, they do not know well about cyber bullying. Gaps are between the bullied children and their parents. The government should hold talks and courses about the Internet an



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