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D.Light Design Case Study

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Case Study 5


Group 2

Rishabh Nahata (18A1HP046)

Ayushi Gupta (18AIHP096)

Yashika Sama (18A1HP061)

Vedika Agarwal (18A3HP646)

Shivam Agarwal (18A1HP094)

Sajal Jain (18A1HP059)

Pratyush Kesarwani (18A1HP022)

d.light Design was founded by Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun with the vision to improve the quality of life of the people who were living in a condition where they had to use traditional kerosene lamps which involved a lot of risks and was expensive to refuel. d.light Design, therefore, came up with two product categories, namely, S250, which could have been used as a spotlight and a mobile charger and S10, which could act as a solar lamp. This case focuses on building strategies to make people aware of the product and hence expand its market offerings in rural part of India. The first step, therefore, was to make people aware of the product and its usage to them and subsequently create a feasible supply and distribution channel to reach its target customer. Creating product demand and building brand trust were the major hurdles that the company had to face. After weighing pros and cons of each marketing channel, company has to decide which channel would prove to be most efficient for them to maximize their revenue.

1. What channel alignment constraints face d.light as it thinks about how to establish a channel structure in India? List any legal, environmental & managerial challenges.

Ans. Distribution channel strategy for a Rural market is significantly different from channel strategy for other markets. Having limited capital was one such constraint which raised the question for choosing the right distribution channel to generate revenue at the earliest. For an emerging organization, there are 3 focus areas, namely, activating customers, delivering products and maintaining customer. Considering these activities are performed effectively and efficiently, a marketing channel would help in taking the organization to another level.

The constraints faced by d.light to setup a marketing channel structure are as follows: -

• Activating Customers:

The Rural populations needs much more attention towards driving the need for solar lanterns instead of Kerosene lamps. The basic education is required to highlight them the benefits and importance of solar lamps and making them aware of the hazardous health and



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