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Drinking Case Study

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Benjamin Franklin once said, "Beer is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy." The government is trying to force a law that is enforceable. In 1988, in response to drunk driving and a threat to cut off highway funding by the federal government, every state raised the minimum drinking age to 21. After the drinking age was raised, the highway traffic fatalities declined by 13%. The government should not put all their focus on drunk driving. They should worry about the abuse and over-consumption of alcohol of students.

The 21 year old drinking age has not reduced drinking on campuses, it has probably increased it. When drinking is legal, it can be supervised and takes place in the open. When the drinking age went up, Students would drink in homes, cars or basements. Students would pre-load or drink as much as they can to keep their buzz before they go out. In some ways, the higher drinking age has made drinking more dangerous.

U.S. citizens have many privileges at age 18. 18 year olds are allowed to vote and are inclined jury duty. If an 18 year old citizen is given these responsibilities, why is the legal drinking age 21? The government can trust 18 year with their votes, yet they can't treat us like adults for another 3 years. At 18, young men are forced to join he selective service for possible drafting. This means 18 year old men could go to war. "A man can die for his country, but yet he can't have a nice cold beer."-



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