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Dajanae Robinson Case

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DaJanae Robinson

In the story "Sleep Debt and the Mortgaged Mind, "William and Christopher tries to explain that sleep is very important. Once your body is weak, it tries to shut down and once it shut down then you can't do the things you won't. You have to pay attention and know your own body, so once you feel tired get some rest. I feel as if sleep debt can cause a lot of accidents. So in this article they are trying to aware us of the sleeping debt.

Sleep deprivation is the main cause of Exxon Valdez oil spill. We can avoid a lot of accidents by sleeping more, giving our bodies the rest that we need. They mentioned that sleep debt can interfere with our life while working, driving, and more. In this article they believed that the accident happened because of alcohol, but that is not the conclusion. The conclusion is sleep debt because the third mate did not have enough sleep. Sleep studies shows that everyone needs approximately 8 hours of sleep every day. By not getting that amount of sleep you need, it cost the cleanup effort over $2 billion. We have so many car accidents that happen every day, just from our drivers not getting the right amount of sleep.

Sleep debt can cause a lot of ongoing problems. Once your body is weak and you did not get enough sleep it shuts down. Which means the activity you are engaging in will move slower, and can cause an accident. This oil spill shows that sleep does not just affect you or a one person; it affects a lot of things. These dangers can include something minor like falling asleep in class, or something major like falling asleep driving. Sleep debt is a major issue in many people's lives today because a lot of people tend to stay up later than they should; resulting in a lack of sleep, which in the end causes a greater amount of sleep debt.



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