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Dangerous Dogs

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3. Discuss whether any of the texts offer a solution to the problem of dangerous dogs.

In text 1, demands a police officer, Hogan-Howe, to change the legislation. After Ellie's dead, could hundreds of people hand out their dog to the police for a legally procedure. "As a result there are now 200 fewer illegal dangerous dogs in Merseyside"5

The animal-behavior expert, Victoria Stilwell, explains that if your dog kills someone, you should face jail. But she wants allow that we see all rottweilers or pit bulls as killers. She believes that the cocktail of playfully children and dogs are the biggest danger. "Children can be very excitable around dogs.

They can see them as cuddly teddy bears, jump on them, and yank their tails."6 She finds it weird that we always blame the dog and not the whole situation as we leave our baby alone with a strange dog. Mrs. Stilwell knows a simple plan to change that kind of problems. We must use our reasonable sense. "Ask yourself; is this breed right for us? Are we able to provide the right kind of home where our children and our dog can live safely with each other?"7 Mrs. Stilwell gives also some advice to how you choose the right breed at your needs.

Simon Heffer says harsh; "Forget about the dangerous dogs, for heaven's sake, and let's start getting really nasty with the dangerous humans"8 His opinion is that if we remove all dangerous humans, like drug dealers and criminals, will all the dangerous pit bulls also disappear. But it was Ellie Lawrenson's own uncle, who had the dog, which killed her, and his was no described as a dangerous human. So can you at all put criminals and dangerous dogs in the same box?

After I have read the outlines in the texts, I will put my opinion up like Victoria Stilwell.

She is open-minded and gives some good advice for families with babies and dogs in the same house.



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