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An Unconditional and Loving Friend - a Dog

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Essay Preview: An Unconditional and Loving Friend - a Dog

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A dog is many people's best friend. These creatures are loyal, fun to be with, and one of the most unselfish animals that exist. It's amazing to see the unconditional love that dogs can have. Whether you yell at them for chewing up your favorite sneakers or peeing on your new carpet, they will never hold it against you; they will give you a lick on the face without thinking it twice.

Dogs express their loyalty in many ways. An example of that was seen in Japan after the earthquake in March, a news reporter captured footage of a dog that wouldn't leave his injured dog friend's side. It is wonderful to see such loyalty from an animal towards another animal, but it's more surprising to see loyalty towards the human race. A man in Baltimore, MD "was struck in the back of the head when he went out to chain his dog at his home...the man fell to the ground and saw his attacker approaching as if to hit him again. The dog attacked the man and the victim ran into the house." The dog could've run away in order to save itself but proved it protected his master and didn't leave his side. This shows how brave dogs can be and how loyal they are to us.

Dogs have an unconditional love towards their masters. They see us as their ultimate being and will do anything they can to please you. Loy Mershimer writes about his and explains how he "smacked" his dog after it ran away from his side while they were taking a walk in the woods. "I'll never forget the look of confusion in his eyes when I disciplined him. He took it, but there was something else there: he was crushed, and not feeling guilty." The dog had run away to catch a prize for him, a groundhog for his master, and in return he received discipline. "In his mind, he was not disobeying me; he was treating me and serving me. He had exhausted himself trying to do two tasks: come when I called, yet bring me a prize. My eyes filled with tears: I knew I had been unjust. I held out my arms and called him: "Good boy!" He leapt into my arms. I knelt down then, hugged him tightly. He licked my face as if to say, 'Yes, I forgive you!'" (Mershimer). A dog's love has no boundaries; it will forgive you no matter what you do to it and it will never hold a grudge like humans tend to do.

Dogs live to please you. They will stop what they're doing if you call out to it, even if it's to greet you when you walk through the front door. The will be the happiest one to see you. Even though they don't have a verbal way to express it, their eyes show the joy they feel when you are around them. Even after a long day of work, this creature can make you forget your worries with a big kiss. They will try to do everything in their power to make you happy.



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