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Dogs and Cats

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Dogs and cats are different in many ways, but the most significant way is how the react and interact to their human owners.

When I was thirteen, I had a cat named Buttons. She was a short haired tabby with bright green eyes and five toes on each paw. Although she loved to be in the middle of all of the action around our house, she hated to be picked up and petted. She didn't even like to be talked to by anyone. I don't think she even liked me very much. However, she adored our big golden retriever Sanchez.

Sanchez was my brother's dog, and he loved everyone, including Buttons. Sanchez was four years old when I got Buttons. He was pretty well established in our family, and eveyone loved him. Buttons was just a kitten when she came into our household, and it seemed that from the very first moment of her entry into the house, Sanchez appointed himself her protector. Whenever anyone new would come in, Sanches would get up, from wherever he was, and place himself between the newcomer and Buttons. I don't think Buttons even realized what was going on until one day, a younger cousin of mine came into the house and made a beeline for the kitten, her arms outstretched, screaming, "Kitty! Kitty!"

Like Superman, Sanchez came bounding into the kitchen and took up his post in front of Buttons. My cousin, Kelly, stopped in her tracks. However, when she took another step, a low rumble emminated from Sanchez's throat, and she knew to back off.



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