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Dark Side of the Mone Compare

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My social statement is about environmental concerns; represented by 200, 16 ounce Styrofoam cups arranged in a spherical dodecahedron. The Styrofoam cups are attached by hot glue, and arranged in a oblong spherical shape (instead of a perfect sphere) to best mimic the shape of the earth. The gaps between each vertexes are covered in one-of four species of moss to display the living quality of earth. The openings of the cups themselves are either filled will painted recycled paper(news/print); to illustrate the decomposition of sustainable products paper and news print are used; The empty cups represent unsustainability. The use of Styrofoam over other products was used to illustrate the nonliving quality of earth.


Why do I feel the way I do? I think that sustainability is an issue that every body should be concerned with. The total 'living' portion of my project makes up less that 15% of its total surface area. At first glance it appears that things are okay; It has allot of nice green patches, there are allot of sustainable portions and the Styrofoam area is not so bad. While in actuality the Styrofoam are makes up the enter structure. This could interpreted as the earth being beyond the point of no return, and the sustainable areas are, kind of like band aids.

Whats my argument for?

My argument is meant to address environmental concerns to the public, in an abstract-non threatening way.

Is it meant to offend?

No. I think its a very pleasing piece.

Is there a focal point?

Yes. The entire piece is designed so that it is; geometrically pleasing- circles are thought to be the purest geometric shape, the patterns of the cups vary depending on where you stand and what you're looking at, and it has depth.



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