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Delivery Outline-Rough Draft

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Essay Preview: Delivery Outline-Rough Draft

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Delivery Outline-Rough Draft

Speech 1311-McLaughlin

I. Introduction

A. Attention-getter: Lets see who can finish this sentence... it's a bird, it's a plane, no its... Superman!

B. Central idea: We all know superman but how many of us really know any information about the man behind the movies, Christopher Reeves?

C. Give the audience a reason to listen: Not only was he a great actor but he has affected the world in ways many people do not even know about and he is truly such an inspiration to me

D. Establish your credibility: Not only do I love Superman but I admire Christopher Reeves for his charity work which is also close to my heart because my brother is a paraplegic.

E. Preview your main ideas: Christopher Reeves movie career, personal life and foundation

II. Body

A. First Main Point: born in September 25, 1952 and career from 1974 to 2004

1. started acting at 14 and went to cornell for acting. Trans to Juilliard School of Performing Arts final year and got first tv role on love of life

a. he was superman in 4 sm movies; total of 17 feature films, a dozen television movies, about 150 plays and directed 3

b. also wrote 2 books, best selling autobiography still me

2. Won many awards

a. won the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for his reading of the book.

b. several CableAce Awards (including one for Best Director and another for Best Dramatic Special) and five Emmy nominations

Now lets focus on the man behind the man of steel a little more and learn about why this amazing man is truly incomporable to anyone in this world in my eyes

B. Second Main Point: How he spent his 52 years

1. had son Matthew (born 1979) and Alexandra (born 1983) and son William 1992. Was married april 1992 to his wife dana.

2.Loved horseback riding and was thrown from horse May 27, 1995, became a quadriplegic injury C1C2. He was already active in community but he threw himself into research for paralysis

a. pushed for legislation that would raise the limit on catastrophic injury health coverage from $1 million to $10



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