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Autobiography Essay (rough Draft)

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Essay Preview: Autobiography Essay (rough Draft)

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Autobiography Essay (Rough Draft)

Have you ever wondered what was the most memory or moment in your life growing up or an event that made you who you are today? Well there were so many memories in my life or situations that made me who I am today, There Are Three. One was when I had gotten extremely bullied. Second was, The Morning of 9/11/2001, When the Twin Towers Fell. Third was, High School; and Making it this far.

I was born in Fayetteville, NC Where I lived there until I was 3. Then my parents and I moved back to California. In elementary school most of my teachers I remember, some I don't, they helped me get this far. They made learning fun and exciting. I knew I had so many dreams and goals when I was a little kid. Some goals changed and some I didn't pursue the path of that. Some I will accomplish, some I will not. But as I'm getting order, My Dream that I will make sure will come true, and is right now. Is being a Photographer. It's My Life and Dream, My Passion. I'm a junior in High School, and my job right now is a Full Time Army Girlfriend. My boyfriend James Christiansen just left on July 26 to Basic Training, at Fort Benning, GA. So I'm waiting for him to come home safe & sound. I was (and still am) very active in my church. My favorite volunteer church positions were always teaching the children.

"Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning, On That September Day..."

I Remember I Was 6yrs old, and My Mom Came & Woke Me Up, & Brought Me Into Her Room and Sat Me On The Seeder-Chest In Front Of The Bed. & The News Was Already On. And I Remember Every Detail That Happened That Day. How Everyone Was Crying, & I Didn't Understand What Was Going On. When I Watch The First Tower Fall. I Didn't Understand What Happened, But My Mom Was Screaming and Gasping & Crying So Much. So I Started Crying Because, Everyone Else Was. But When I Said "Mommy Look Those People Are Flying, Why Are They Flying Mommy?" She Just Grabbed Me & Said "They're Flying to Heaven Baby" & Then The Second Tower Fell, & People On The Ground Were Running From The Smoke, And Then Everything Went Silent & People On The News Were Saying Both Of The Towers Fell, There Gone, There's Nothing Left. 10 Years Later I'm 16yrs Old Now, I Understand What Happened on This Day. Re-Watching What Happened On 9/11/2011, It All Hits Me Again. Flash Backs To When I Was 6. How I Cried Because Everyone Else Was Crying, But Now I Understand. I Understand Everything What Happened. How Terrorists High-Jacked Four Planes. One Hit The Pentagon, One Crashed Into an Open Field, One Hit The First World Trade Center, & The Other



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