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Woody 2000 Project Outline

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Essay Preview: Woody 2000 Project Outline

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* Background

The Custom Woodworking Company is a small-to-medium size custom furniture and cabinet making company with head-office and a spacious plant site at industrial Estates. Due to limitation on the production capability of the company, the boom in the commercial construction industry and the trade opportunities arising from free trade south of the border, there was need for the company to expand production capabilities and as well grab the opportunities presented by the boom in the market.

Upon successful completion of this project, the following will be achieved;

i) Ability to increase the production capability of the company

ii) Provide flexibility for response to market opportunities

iii) Enhanced utilization of productive assets.

* Statement of Problem

Woody company embarked on an expansion project to take advantage of the 1989 "mini-boom in commercial construction in south-western BC" (Project wisdom). But due to inadequate planning which was due mainly due to inexperienced project team, the project was not properly planned and subsequently it was not properly executed and well monitored and controlled leading to unacceptable product by the company and loss of money and production time.

* Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to properly manage the woody project as to deliver the following;

i) To expand and increase the factory space by 25%.

ii) Automation of the wood processing line by the Installation of semi-automatic wood processing line.

iii) Providing a dust free and air-conditioned paint shop.

* Relevant research questions

The relevant research questions to be answered by the research hypothesis include:

i) Was woody 2000 project well conceived?

ii) What were Woody's real objectives that should have been articulated?

iii) What strategies were there for achieving these objectives?

iv) What should be included in the project plan?

* Relevant research hypotheses

The relevant research hypotheses to be tested in the study include:

Hypotheses one

i) Ho: A well conceived project is a panacea to successful execution.

ii) Hi: A well conceived project doesn't lead to successful execution.

Hypotheses two

i) Ho: Project sponsors understanding of project management



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