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Dentistry Case - Scope of Dentistry in India

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Essay Preview: Dentistry Case - Scope of Dentistry in India

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1.1 Dentistry

It has been established by historians that the dentistry itself had a history since 7000 BC. It is assumed that Indus valley civilisation is the first to practice dentistry and later it has spreaded across Asia, Africa (Coppa A et al., 2006). However dentistry evolved as a science in the 18th century in Europe until which during the middle Ages, barbers used to extract the tooth. Later dentistry has been revolutionised. In 20th century pure scientific research in dentistry was started and it is established as major filed of life sciences (Baron P, 1999). In India, street dentists, who are not actually trained, still existing. These street dentists are not qualified dentists and are not registered in the dentist's register of Dental council of India (Stacey S, 2005).

1.2 Scope of Dentistry in India

India is the second most populous country and one of the world's fastest growing economies in the world. It has been reported that the average economy growth over these recent three years is about eight percent. Adult literacy rate is 61% which has risen significantly from the past few decades. However poverty still persists and the health care services are not still available to the poor as the Government is spending only 4.9% of its GDP (World Health Organisation, 2006). This is reflected not only on the general health of the individuals but also on the diseases related to the oral cavity.

1.3 Incidence and Prevalence of dental diseases in India

A survey conducted by Synovate India in 233 cities of India revealed that 60% of individuals never visited a dentist so far and only 2 % individuals visit dental surgeries regularly (Expresshealthcaremgmt, 2005). Moreover it also noticed some interesting results which are summarised in table-1. However the above study concentrated mainly on preventive diseases. Another survey done by Shah N, 2006 on other chronic diseases in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India came up with astonishing results. The incidence and prevalence of dental diseases in Andhra Pradesh is also proportionally high.



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