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Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer

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Desktop computer or Laptop computer?

If you asked me to choose a laptop or a desktop for school,my

decision will be a laptop even the people are keep saying a desktop is faster than

a laptop in someways.They believe that the desktop easier to use and the screen

is easy to read in the full screen.But otherwise,with a laptop make you feel free

when traveling,do your homework anywhere you want.It is really light and does

not need a transport for moving.The purpose of this essay is to compare laptops

with laptops.Laptops and desktop have similar characteristic and useful but are

different in many ways.

Laptops are mobility because you can easily working on it wherever

you want.It is really helpful when your traveling, if you need a map or searching

for something for your trip.The people who used laptops are interested in it .We

can tell ,a laptop is a small thing but can do many big things.Even though ,a

laptop does not have a mouse connecting to it ,there is one built on it .With a

laptop you will be able to study else where if you are not able study at home.With

a laptop allow to move around in one spot,only thing you have to worry about

your laptop is when you are traveling it is always electric current can go off

suddenly.Laptop is really useful for group study and making projects with your

Thai 2

group friend together.

On the other hand,desktops are popular in business,offices and

schools.The people who choose to watch movie or television on their

computer,desktop is better in the case because a laptop screen is too

small.Another reason why desktop are better is desktops can have bigger

memory storage then laptops.More then,desktops have a big screen that helping




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