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Desperation Case

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I know I know thi isn't a real paper but I am only suscribing to this site because it is 4 in the morning and i want to read the summary of a book that was later made into a mini-series that I saw as a child and just recently was reminded of. I think i will see if i can borrow it from the library tommorow but at the moment I am consumed with curiosity and a certain degree of nostalgia.

And now i have been informed that this paper must be at least 250 words, soo i will tell you the tale of my coming here. Now I don't know what brought on the memory of the particular evening of my youth when i was lying on the floor of my living room watching the CBC, but it did and now i am dealing with the consequenses. I initially did not remember the name of the series but only that it was all about the stuggles of a group of settlers on the east coast of Canada in the early eighteen-hundereds. so I typed this discription into the google toolbar. Unsuprisingly this search was unfruitfull, all I found were a variety of interesting historical tourist destinations in and around halifax. After perusing the Newfoundland and labrador arts gallery forum I decided to change my tactics. I searched for a canadian tv show database; who new Canadians were such prolific producers of television programing? anyway I soldiered on hopefull that upon seeing the title of the show I would recognize it. I worked my way through hundreds of titles and dozens of discriptions jumping at any mention of the east coast, the eighteen-hundreds, boats, or even potatoes, but alas it was not to be found. As I delved deeper into the archives it began to dawn on my that this particular production may have been more contemporary that I had originaly thought and unfortunatly the most recent addition the the archive was dated from the 1990's and no entreis from the 2000's could be found.

I was at a loss, how could I find this Television show If I could not establish certain particulars. This baffled me for a time but a solution did come. I re-invisioned all of the scenes in my head and tried to discern the characters. I recognized one. Colm Meaney! of course! It seems that this man shows up in all sorts of shows that i like, star trek, murdoch mysteries. I feel that this may possibly reflect of my character. Anyway the answer became clear I simply typed in colm meany filmography inti the toolbar and was immediatly introduced to his complete works including one mini series intitled random passage (2002). elated i began a search a website supporting a torrent or a link to a torrent for this film. I could not find any, in fact google had a hard time finding anything usefull about this film. it seems that even though it won two awards it was forgotten. and so i decided that reading about it should sate me for the time being and so i began a search for a summary or a synopsis or anything really. and this is how i learned that this book is a very popular



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