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Detailed Analysis for Flinger

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Essay Preview: Detailed Analysis for Flinger

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A detailed analysis for Flingers and its block supplement products and services has been completed by surveying 100 students in Jean Vanier Catholic High school. The analysis illustrates that there are high chances that Flingers will be successful in the business industry.

After a thorough observation, we have determined that our plans for our future services are favorable to the 100 students surveyed on this research. The analysis of our survey shows that many students still enjoys playing fun games like our idea of Basketball Shooting Game and a Bean Bag Toss, though, many preferred the Basketball Shooting Game. We have also taken a critical look if our plan of having a raffle contests will be a good idea to attract more customers. By the responses of the 100 students surveyed, more than 70% are interested in our concept of having a raffle contests as one of our services, though, most of them never had entered raffle contests before. Lastly, by asking the students if they are willing to pay for our services and products, we have determined that 62% of them are willing, which is enough to make a reasonable profit throughout the whole is marketing fair.

Through this market research analysis, we have identified our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The way forward has been determined by identifying our marketing strategies, and by tabling the implementation and control mechanisms aimed at ensuring that the desired results are achieved.

The survey is successful and great help for our marketing research.



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